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Meena created truly fantastically beautiful artwork (two triptychs) for our walls. They are a feast for the eyes and truly make everyone happy when they walk by. We made sure to put them in highly trafficked areas and they are a joy to behold. Meena was professional to work with and met our tight timeline and fit our budget perfectly."

CBRE, Phoenix, AZ, Corporate commission

Thank you Meena Matai, for the beautiful Krishna painting. My husband loved his birthday surprise. We just keep on going into the temple room to look at it. It will be something that both of us will treasure till the end of our life! Thank you for putting so much effort and puring your heart into this painting. We are so grateful!

J Kapur, Private commission

Meena is an accomplished artist who combines her vibrant personality and enriching culture into exquisite pieces of art. We her to create a piece for our living room in our first home. This piece became the focal point of our living area, to which we have then based our entire furniture and décor around. Meena artistically found a way to embody the tranquility, strength, & harmony that best represents us.

Dan Redner, Private commission

This is truly an amazing work of art. With each change in lighting or perspective I find it coming alive in a new way. The painting is so much more than I had imagined. My eyes are drawn to it every time I am in the room. I love the colors, the texture, and the spirit of it. It means a lot to me to have this amazing piece of your expression so close. Thank you."

Ghoshal family, Private commission

I worked with Meena on creating art to go on the cabinets of my RV. She taught me various techniques and effects. She was very collaborative. I would absolutely recommend Meena for custom art / art lessons. Her even-tempered, agreeable personality make her great to work with, and her skill as an artist means the end result will be fantastic too."

Leila K, Private commission