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Local Austin artist: Meena Matai presents Vibrant, colorful and meaningful art for your modern, comfortable home or contemporary office.


I create vibrant and playful art. My creative journey is as much spontaneous and playful, as it is meditative and introspective. 

I grew up in India in a family of engineers and educators. Art has been the one constant in my life, even while I built my career in electrical engineering. My life is now a balance of being an artist, an engineer, a mother, an educator and a human being. I'm based in Austin, TX.  

Maybe my art is able to contribute to your journey in some special way. I’m here to help you find a piece of art that you can connect with.  

My art sits at the intersection of possibilities, as it seeks to erase boundaries between dualities. I’m an artist, and also an engineer. I’m an Indian, and also an American. I’m a mother, and also a full-time professional. My art depicts the unceasing balancing act between critical thinking and creative process, between being foreign and at home, between providing nurturing care and exploring a sense of self, between settled tradition and a determined generation, between a structured course and a dreamy abstract, between fiery passion and planned process, between action and being. It’s not necessarily a choice that must be made, but an incorporation of a myriad facets. I feel fortunate to play all of these roles weaving a rich, complex life of balance. 

Check out original art  and art prints. 

If you are interested in acquiring a piece or commissioning a custom artwork, please contact me for commissions. 

I work with alcohol inks, watercolors, organic pigments, acrylics, on a variety of different types of papers and canvas.

If I'm able to see you connect with my artwork, my work here is done. When I find people like you appreciating and acquiring my art, I can draw immense joy in being able to connect with you via my artwork.

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List of Exhibitions + Affiliations

I founded Camp Cyan and Creative Corner Arts, both educational organizations to help tie the arts with sciences. I have been an active STEAM teacher since 2008. I’ve also worked as a visiting artist teacher with the Contemporary Austin and have spoken at STEM education events organized by GENGirlStart4H Capital via FabFems, City of Austin and ASU Prep Academy. My main goal is to show kids that while they may work towards more practical careers, their creative sides can stay healthy and provide just the perfect balance for their future busy lives.

I used to serve on the board of Chula League and Creative Arts Society, both local Austin non-profits that helps further art in our community.