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See Me

See Me

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Peacock is the national bird of India. “See Me,” is not just a capture of this beautiful bird’s magnificence and royal presence but it’s a call to see within our history, our roots where we come from, our stories and legacies that have formed us over the years. It’s a call from our history that says, “See me? Remember me?” 

I’ve been teaching my daughter Hindi. She also learns Kathak, a classical Indian dance. A daughter of two people who grew up literally on the opposite sides of the world, she really brings together the best of both. My effort always lies in teaching her about the culture I grew up in, telling her the many mythological stories of India and of course enjoying some pani puri (street food). Who she is becoming is a mystery unfolding, shaped by her-story. 

“See Me,” is created with alcohol inks on yupo paper. The original is 11 x 14".