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Lalima Warli

Lalima Warli

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Lalima means a lovely red hue. Lalima Warli is a symbol of joyous celebration of life with music and dance.

Original piece of art created with love and acrylics on canvas. The original is 12" x 16". 

Warli is a tribal art form from India, originally done by the people of the Warli tribe. Warli paintings have been a tradition that dates back to more than four thousand years. The Warlis use simple forms like circles (to depict the sun and the moon) and triangles (to depict mountains and trees) to produce these intricate works of art. These paintings are done as murals on cob walls using a rice flour paste, which is why the foreground is always white. In my case, I have tried to depict the union between this tradition and modern life. I have maintained the tradition by keeping the foreground white and added backgrounds of varied colors and textures to indicate modern times.


Art reproductions make an affordable and wonderful alternative to original art.

Giclee Paper prints:
- Made locally in Austin, TX on archival acid-free paper with non toxic inks.
- One inch white border is added on all sides
- Comes with 4-ply premium mat and protective sleeve.