Art Lessons for kids


I started teaching art about ten years back to special needs kids where we used art as a form of expression. Since then I've taught kids, adults and now have a thriving group of students. Regular weekly classes run through the school year.

Kids Art Class in Austin with Meena Matai in Circle C Art and Creativity Classes: Students will get familiar with creative techniques and different forms of art. For drawing and painting, they will learn to use a variety of tools such as sketching pencils, pastels, watercolors and tempera/acrylics. For other forms of art we will learn origami, paper crafts, collage, clay work, upcycled art, yarn and fabric art.  We will learn about famous as well as local Austin artists encouraging students to have an art dialog. We will have an annual student exhibition. 

Annual Student Exhibition: Just like kids get to show off what they've learned with dance/ instruments recitals, sports final games, this is them showing off their artwork at an exhibition. All students get to participate for free. 

Spring 2020 Fridays Art Lessons for kids 6 - 11 years old.
Classes are FULL. Please check back in Fall 2020.

Private Art Lessons


$60 . 70 minutes Private 1:1 instruction. Contact me.

Weekend Creativity for adults
All weekends at a time that works for you.
De-stress, have fun and create art.

  • Class times and locations can be arranged on request.
  • Group art/ painting with max 6 students in each class. Classes are held in Austin, TX.
  • Private 1:1 art/ painting classes for kids and adults.

For classes and collaborations please contact me for more details.

“My name is Ashwara and I am currently a 15 year old art student taking art classes with Ms. Meenakshi Matai. Ms. Matai is wonderful art teacher who has a creative mindset and original ideas. She has a unique outlook on all her pieces that make all her art stand out. I started taking classes with her since I was 13 and have created such masterpieces from her help and thoughts. She takes my opinions and thoughts in to action with all my art works and makes sure I have say in what I want to paint. From the classes I have learned hundred of tips and styles that I would have not gotten from a commercial art class that has helped me strengthen my art skills and broaden my imagination with ideas. Ms. Matai will always take your thoughts into consideration and I love how totally honest I can be around her. For me, art classes are a way for me to let my ideas run wild and have fun with such an amazing creation with guidance and help from Ms. Matai. I will continue to take classes because of such amazing things that I have learned.” 



Summer 2019 was wonderful. Check out Camp Cyan here. We are not offering camps in 2020.

Summer Camp for Kids Art STEM in Austin Camp Cyan